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Planning Permission is Granted

We are pleased to announce that Waverley Borough Council finally granted planning permission for the Pilgrim Project to go ahead. The decision was made in a meeting of Waverley’s Western Area Planning Committee on 9 December and has subsequently been formalised.

If you wish to watch the meeting, you can do so on this link: Consideration of our application starts at 3 hours 19 minutes (!) and goes on until about 3 hours 54 minutes.

During this process, we faced fierce opposition from the Farnham Society Planning Committee. Also, not every councillor voted in favour of the application. However, we remind you all of the Christian message to love even those who work against us.  We still have to work with all of these people as part of the community, and whatever our private feelings, there should be no ill will towards anyone.  We are here to to build up the community in love.

We want to express particular thanks to four people, who lived and breathed this work for many months, and who have lost a great deal of sleep on our behalf for some time: Nick Savill and Roy Dearden, Revd. Michael Hopkins, one of our ministers, and our architect Gareth Jenkins.  We owe all of them a huge debt of gratitude.

What happens next?

The Pilgrim Project Steering Committee are meeting on Thursday to consider next steps. More information will be given at the Church Meeting on Sunday, and subsequently announced on-line.

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