Our vision is to bring our building up to date, making it strong for the future and environmentally friendly.  However, we are unable to achieve this vision in one go.  We are proposing three stand-alone projects to deliver the design vision.

This approach is financially safer, minimises disruption to users of the building, is easier to deliver, easier to raise funds for, and allows us to take breaks between projects.

Project 1

  • Remove pews from Sanctuary, which allows it to be used as a multi-functional space during construction work
  • Large Hall renovation
  • New foyer and café

Project 2

  • Renovate Sanctuary
  • Build new vestry and church office in existing foyer

Project 3

  • Rebuild existing halls


A full set of architectural drawings is available for download here: DrawingsAsAt18Oct2019 (ZIP, 15MB)

Detailed design and fundraising for Project 1 is schedule to kick off in January 2020.  We anticipate it to take around a year to be ready to commence construction of this project.

Please click on the design below to view our design proposals*

thumbnail of A3_Display-proposals-01

Click below to download the presentation to the URC and Methodist Churches on 4 March 2018*

thumbnail of Presentation-4-Mar-2018-v1.0-combined

* Please note that some amendments to the plans have been made since March 2018 as part of the process of obtaining listed buildings consent and planning permission.  The amendments are reflected in the architectural drawings available here: DrawingsAsAt18Oct2019 (ZIP, 15MB)