Updated Plans - 18 October 2019

Side extension

Waverley Borough Council’s Western Area Planning Committee considered our plans on 9 July, and asked us to reconsider the architectural approach to the Victoria Road extension.

Having considered the Committee’s feedback, we have developed new proposals, which retain the same general building form as previously proposed (double-gable pitched roof, reflecting the existing form) but in such a way that the building appears more a modification of the existing than the previous proposals did. In particular, where there seemed clear resistance to the use of brickwork, we now propose the retention of existing render and stone. Existing window openings are also retained and re-glazed; one window is modified to incorporate a set of fire exit doors at lower level.

The existing stair tower is also now retained at ground floor level (rather than being demolished in its entirety) and extended forward, in facing stone to match the existing. On the new front gable elevation, we are proposing to re-build the existing arched doorway as a new feature stained-glass window (ie using existing stonework surround).

The treatment of the (now-exposed) apse has been clarified on the drawings, with the proposal that existing plaster is removed to expose existing stone behind. This is in lieu of hung-tiles, which now do not feature in proposals for the rear of the building and would therefore be somewhat out of context.

The retention of the render finish represents something of a compromise on the church’s side – its drab appearance at present contributes to the unsightly rear elevation of the halls, but this will be improved through the reduction in height of the building; it is also proposed to use a slightly lighter colour finish to ensure a consistent finish where openings are infilled etc.

We believe that the general architectural approach described above firmly addresses concerns raised by committee previously and we trust this can be supported by the Council as it is taken forward for consultation.

The new plans are expected to be considered by the Planning Committee on Tuesday 10 December.

Our vision is to bring our building up to date, making it strong for the future and environmentally friendly.  However, we are unable to achieve this vision in one go.  We are proposing three stand-alone projects to deliver the design vision.

This approach is financially safer, minimises disruption to users of the building, is easier to deliver, easier to raise funds for, and allows us to take breaks between projects.

Project 1

  • Remove pews from Sanctuary
  • Allows it to be used as a multi-functional space during…
  • Large Hall renovation
  • New foyer and café

Project 2

  • Renovate Sanctuary
  • Build new vestry and church office in existing foyer

Project 3

  • Rebuild existing halls

During Projects 1 and 2, we will worship in the Methodist Church building.  After Project 2, we will worship in this building.

A full set of architectural drawings is available for download here: DrawingsAsAt18Oct2019 (ZIP, 15MB)

Once listed building consent is granted, we will apply for planning permission, then commence technical design for Project 1.  Construction of phase 1 will commence in Summer 2019, subject to fundraising.

Please click on the design below to view our design proposals*

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Click below to download the presentation to the URC and Methodist Churches on 4 March 2018*

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* Please note that some amendments to the plans have been made since March 2018 as part of the process of obtaining listed buildings consent and planning permission.  The amendments are reflected in the architectural drawings available here: DrawingsAsAt18Oct2019 (ZIP, 15MB)