Do you have a minute, Lord?

Isaiah 35:1-10

Do you have a minute, Lord? I’m sorry to trouble you, but I’m a bit confused and bothered by what Isaiah had to say. I’m not quite sure what he was getting at.

You see, deserts don’t blossom, and the crocuses aren’t out yet, even with the mess we’re making of your climate. So, I suppose he’s being poetic, is he Lord? And when he said we’d rejoice with joy and singing, was he talking about us getting planning permission for the church redevelopment? Did you hear about that, Lord? We put it on Facebook and on the church website, and its been in the Farnham Herald, so we were rather hoping you’d have picked it up. Six votes in favour, but only five against, so it’s full steam ahead. There was quite a lot of rejoicing at the beginning of the week, Lord.

Then we had the general election, Lord. I think half of us are rejoicing, and half of us thought that Isaiah was talking about the General Election when he mentioned about vengeance and recompense. Perhaps, Lord, I’ll just leave that one with you after all.

So Lord, when Isaiah talked about your glory and your majesty, I’m wondering if perhaps he was talking about the good things this church already does, and tries to do, in the community? I’d rather like to think that’s all about your glory and your majesty. Might that be so, Lord?

While I’m here, Lord, Isaiah also made me think of something else. I would like to say that I appreciated what Isaiah had to say about strengthening feeble knees. I’ve had a bit of trouble with my right knee on and off for a while now, so any strengthening would be very welcome Lord, and I rather think I’m not alone in that. Now, Lord, Isaiah also had something to say about the blind, the deaf and the lame. I think I may have already mentioned my knee, Lord? Well, some of the others have got problems with their eyesight, their hearing, and their walking, so was Isaiah saying that you had something for them, too? I do hope there is some good news for them as well. Another thing, Lord, is Isaiah mentioned quite a lot of water coming. We know we need the rain, but it is nice to have a break from it as well, so thank you Lord the days when we can see the sky.

Now, Lord, I was Isaiah getting back to the serious stuff when he said to be strong and not to fear? I did wonder if he was he talking about the money? I expect you’ve heard, Lord, that we need to raise really quite a lot of money now we’ve got planning permission. Was Isaiah encouraging us not to worry too much about the money we need to raise, because you’ll help us?

Then Isaiah mentioned a highway, Lord. That made me wonder, was this the same highway that John the Baptist was talking about? Is it for us, Lord? Or is it for the Messiah? Or is it a bit of both? You see, Lord, I wonder if it might be a bit like this: Isaiah was reminding us that there was going to be a Messiah, and so did John the Baptist, but I don’t think the highway was just for the Messiah, Lord. I don’t see how it can have been. I think it must be for all of us who want to follow the Messiah.

If I’m right, Lord, I think you might be trying to encourage us., because Isaiah said the people who followed your highway would never go astray. Perhaps this planning permission being granted for our redevelopment – did I mention that, Lord? – is a sign that we’re on your pathway? So when Isaiah said, if you’ll allow me a joke Lord, there wouldn’t be any ravenous beasts or lions, he didn’t about those who had opposed us! Being serious, Lord, perhaps Isaiah was giving us a message about where the money would come from?

Actually, Lord, I think you’ve helped me get all of this a bit clearer, thank you. Now I’ve talked it through with you, I can see a little bit more of what it’s about. I think it might be that Isaiah was reminding us that the Messiah was coming, and so was John the Baptist, and perhaps our little step forward getting planning permission for our redevelopment – did I mention that, Lord? – might be what Isaiah meant about the crocus blossoming? But I know crocuses don’t last forever, so I think Isaiah was encouraging us to get on with your work in the community, to remember why we’re doing a building redevelopment for your work. I think Isaiah’s woken me up a bit, Lord, rather like John the Baptist woke people up a bit. So, Lord, help us in all that we do to bring joy and gladness to others, and to know your joy and gladness ourselves, and sorrow and sighing flee away.

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