Sunday Service available via phone

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your hard work in keeping everyone in touch and cared for. I know that this is really appreciated by so many people.

We now have a new option for people to listen to the audio version of the Sunday service without needing any kind of internet access or special device.

All you need to do is make a phone call to 01252 978319. This is a standard local number, and will be charged as a local call. No-one needs to press anything, they are connected to a computer, which plays a welcome message and then plays the audio version of the service. All they need to do is dial the number and listen. There may be a gap of up to one minute between the welcome message and the service starting.

It is currently set to yesterday’s service. On Friday morning, I will change it to the Good Friday service, and early on Sunday morning I’ll set it to the Easter Sunday service, and so on.

PLEASE – let everyone not on the internet know!

With thanks and best wishes,