Alternatives to our normal Sunday worship

We are able to offer a number of alternatives to our normal Sunday worship.  All of these are accessible by any kind of computer or tablet or iPad or smart phone.

The URC Daily Devotions are offering an extended Sunday Service, which is available either to read or as a podcast to listen to.

  • You can sign up to receive these at
  • We are posting the services, together with the order of service, on our website each Sunday, and via Facebook
  • You can listen to the service by phone, on 01252 978319. This is a standard local number, and will be charged as a local call. No-one needs to press anything, they are connected to a computer, which plays a welcome message and then plays the audio version of the service. All they need to do is dial the number and listen. There may be a gap of up to one minute between the welcome message and the service starting.
  • If you know someone who cannot access these online, please let Michael Hopkins know, and we should be able to supply either an audio CD or paper copy.

There are also the Prayer of the Day and the Bible reading from the Methodist Church.

Alternatively, you can watch live services streamed from Woking United Reformed Church ( ) or Wesley’s Chapel ( )

The service from Woking is likely to appeal more to people who appreciate a modern and lively service, and that from Wesley’s chapel will probably appeal more to people looking for a more formal or traditional service.